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Morris Arboretum Launches Collection Connection Powered by Web-VQF

Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania has launched its Collection Connection website, part of its Awakening the Senses Initiative to develop a series of online and onsite interactive guides and resources is available to enrich the Arboretum visitor experience.

You can reach the Collection Connection page here.

Paul Meyer, Arboretum Director stated:

"As a former curator, perhaps my favorite tool is the "Collection Connection." This tool gives access to the Arboretum's plant accession records and electronic mapping system. For example, visitors who want to learn more about the Metasequoia (dawn redwood) can search with either the botanical or common name. A list of accessions will come up, along with a map showing where each accession is located. Photos are also posted that show botanical details or what the species looks like throughout different seasons.

Those with broader interests can search, for example, Acer (maple) and see what species are represented by the Arboretum's 160 accessions, and where they can be found. This will be useful not only to casual visitors, but also to staff, volunteers, and researchers. This is the first time our plant collections database is so widely and easily accessible."

BG-Map 2017, the latest version, includes a separate version for Revelation OpenInsight 9.4 and support for IntelliCAD 8.2

BG-Map 2017 Has Been Released

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BG-Map Installed at the Haverford College Arboretum

Haverford College was founded in 1833 by Welsh Quakers. The following year William Carvill, an English gardener, was hired to transform the tilled fields, woodlots and pastures into a campus landscape. Trees were planted to frame and complement open spaces, border the lanes in alleés and form grouped circles on open lawns, a reflection of the English landscape tradition of Sir Humphrey Repton. Today the pastoral landscape includes several original oaks on Founders Green. In 1901 a group of students and alumni formed the Campus Club to help preserve the campus landscape after discovering the original landscape drawing. Their work eventually led to the founding of the Haverford College Campus Arboretum Association (now the Haverford College Arboretum Association) in 1974, which continues to perpetuate the landscape’s original design.

The types of services that are provided by Arboretum and Grounds division of Facilities Management include:

BG-Map 2016a provides further refinements to BG-Map 2016 and adds even more new features.

BG-Map 2016a Has Been Released

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Garden Navigator Launched at The New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden has launched the NYBG Garden Navigator, powered by BG-Map Web-VQF. The Navigator provides an interactive map as well as ways to search for plants and features at the NYBG, view tours and create your own tour.

To visit the NYBG Garden Navigator, go to: Click Here.

Penn Plant Explorer Launched

As part of Penn's Tree Campus Celebration, the Facilities and Real Estate Services department has launched Penn Plant Explorer, powered by BG-Map Web-VQF. Penn Plant Explorer is an interactive website, linked to Penn's comprehensive tree inventory (6,500+ trees), that allows users to map and interpret the significant trees, specialty gardens, urban parks, edible plants and seasonal interest throughout Penn's campus. Visitors can access Penn Plant Explorer on their mobile devices so they can discover plants or gardens located nearby as they walk through Penn's campus.

To visit the Penn Plant Explorer, go to: Click Here.

BG-Map 2016 Has Been Released

BG-Map 2016 has been released. Aside from being the first version not to require AutoCAD to function, it is packed with new features and improvements.

For details about BG-Map 2016, Click Here

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