Growing Sabal Minor in Central New Jersey - Update August, 1997

By a New Jersey Palm Enthusiast

A few months ago I wrote you about the S. minors I 'd put out at the Milford Bluffs. They've grown very slowly this season and may make 1 frond. Perhaps the drought earlier in the summer slowed them up but maybe its declining vigor. We'll see.

I set out some seedlings, several years old, in two new spots. One very near the Delaware in Glouster Co. just north of the Commodor Barry Br. and the other in Cape May near the lighthouse. Both sites are in really low ground that I hope doesn't get too icy wet in winter.

This is the second batch I put out in Cape May. I lost my map to the first group and haven't been able to relocate them. There weren't any real landmarks in the area, just generic woods, so relocation requires good notes/map or one of those GPS units (which I don't have).

I've got about 10 more plants to distribute and a couple more sites in mind in Cape May and in Salem Co.

I heard the other day that El Nino is back in the Pacific. I hope that means another mild winter in these parts.

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Revised September 8, 1997