Click for Virginia Beach, Virginia Forecast Thoughts on Growing Hardy Palms from "The Palm Lady"
By Kathleen Denton
Pungo Palms Nursery, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

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Note - all temperatures listed here are Fahrenheit.

How did I become "The Palm Lady"? ...that's a long story. I grow palms and have a pretty good collection. My customers began calling me this, and for some reason it stuck. The local nuseries send their customers to get help with their palms ..."Go and see the palm lady"... At first I didn't like it, but now it's kinda of stuck . One of my good friends, who has been growing palms for over 30 years, got dubbed the palm man ...Bill Jenkins.

Why do I grow palms? ...Believe me, there is not much money in it. It started as a hobby. Now I keep pretty busy selling them. I grow very slow growing palms. The Windmills are the best seller along with the Butias. It takes a long time to build up stock so I have diversified into other unusual perennials, subtropicals, and cactus.

Here are some of my thoughts on growing hardy palms:

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Updated January 29, 2002