BG-Map TechNote

Sharing Data Between BG-Map and ArcGIS Products ArcView and ArcInfo


Updated 9/14/04

This document explains how to share data between BG-Map, which is AutoCAD-based and other GIS systems that use ESRI ArcGIS products, such as ArcView or ArcInfo.


At times, it may be necessary to share mapping data between BG-Map and other GIS systems that use ESRI ArcGIS products, such as ArcView and ArcInfo.  This TechNote covers some tools and procedures that might help in this process.

Beginning with BG-Map 2004, the layering system has been updated so that each component of plant information is placed on a separate layer - symbols, accession numbers, names, leader lines, and group outlines.  This makes it much easier to export BG-Map information to ArcGIS products in that each of these layers can be transferred into a separate theme or coverage.

Viewing BG-Map Data in ArcGIS

First, generate the plant information that you wish to view in ArcView - quadrant, defined view, etc.  Then, use the function “Export Drawing File” contained in the AutoCAD File menu to export the plant information as an AutoCAD DWG file.  Choose the option “Plants Only” so that the exported data will include plants only and not the entire basemap.  If you need to convert the data into a DXF file, open the exported DWG file in AutoCAD, and use the DXFOUT command to convert it into a DXF file.

Then create the themes or coverages or shapefiles using the tools for this purpose contained in the ArcGIS products.  For details, see the links below.

Viewing ArcInfo Coverages in BG-Map

Use the ARCDXF command to convert ArcInfo coverages into a DXF file.  Open the exported DXF file in AutoCAD, and use the SAVEAS command to save it as a DWG file.  You can then attach the DWG file as a Reference Block in BG-Map.  (Note:  If the exported DWG file does not line up correctly on your basemap, you may need to change its insertion base point by opening it in AutoCAD and using the BASE command.

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