BG-Map Surveying Tip

Mapping Group Plantings with a GPS or a Total Station That is Not Using BG-Map Surveying Software

Updated February 18, 2005

 This document explains how to map group plantings using a GPS or a Total Station that is not using BG-Map surveying software.  If you are using BG-Map surveying software with your total station, this Surveying Tip does not apply to you.

First, map the center point of the mass, entering into the data collector the accession number with qualifier of the plant - for example 23-1234*A.  Immediately after mapping the center, map points around the perimeter of the mass (up to 12 points), entering the accession number, followed by -1, -2, -3, etc. - for example 23-1234*A-1, 23-1234*A-2, 23-1234*A-3, etc.  Group outline points collected in this way will be treated by BG-Map the same as if they had been collected using the BG-Map Total Station software.