BG-Map Surveying Tip

Using a Giant Clipboard for Field Checks

Updated May 16, 2006

This document suggests the use of a giant clipboard to make it convenient to take large format maps out into the garden.

Book maps are great for taking out into the garden because they're small and easy to handle. But, sometimes you might need to take along a large-format map such as the 24 x 24 maps that BG-Map can produce. Using a large map, its easier to mark field notes and plant locations. But, how can you handle a large sheet of paper conveniently?

Elinor Goff, plant recorder at The Morris Arboretum, uses a giant clipboard to make large maps easy to carry, use and mark up. The clipboard is about 23" x 26". It is available from Saunders Manufacturing Company (They call it a "Sketechboard") and is very reasonable - $11.00.