BG-Map TechNote

Setting the Date Format for Total Station or GPS Survey Data

Updated 2/24/12

This document explains how to set the date format for total station or GPS survey data collected on a data collector.  If the date format is not set correctly, incorrect dates will be entered into BG-Map and BG-BASE.  If you change data collectors, be sure to reset the date format as required.

To set the date format, select Tools/Options/Survey Date Format in the menu of the BG-Map window.  Select One of the Following

Month/Day/Year - example: 07/24/2012 or 07-24-2012

Day/Month/Year - example: 24/7/2012 or 24-07-2012

Year/Month/Day - example: 2012/7/24 or 2012-7-24

Year/Day/Month - example: 2012/24/7 or 2012-24-07