BG-Map TechNote

How to Display Memorial Trees, Benches, and Other Memorials in BG-Map Visitors QUICKFinder

Updated 2/24/12

This document explains how to set up BG-Map Visitors QUICKFinder kiosk software to allow visitors to search for memorial trees, benches, and other types of memorials, such as sculpture.

Enabling the Memorials Feature in Visitors QUICKFinder

To enable, the memorials feature in Visitors QUICKFinder, log into BG-Map as the kiosk user, and select Utilities/VQF/Setup/VQF Options.  Check the box labeled “Enable Memorials”.  In the space labeled “Description”, enter a description of the types of memorials to be displayed.  For example, if you enter the words “Tree or Bench” in this space, the VQF screen will display “Find a Memorial Tree or Bench”. Save the settings.

Designating a Tree or Other Mapped Accessioned Plant as a Memorial

 In the BG-Map window, select Map/Designate a Memorial Plant.  Enter the accession number with qualifier of a mapped living plant.  If entered correctly, the name of the plant will appear above.

Choose either the default description "In Memory of" or the alternate description "In Honor of".  You may also change the wording of the alternate description, if desired.

Enter the name of the person this plant is in memory of.  As a minimum, the last name is required.  The "Last Name" space can also be used to another sort of name, such as "Graduating Class of 1997".

You may also enter the full name of the donor (optional).

To edit an existing entry, click the "browse" button, and select an existing memorial plant entry.

To remove the memorial plant designation from a plant, select an existing memorial plant entry, and click “Delete”.

Designating a Bench, Sculpture, or Other Item as a Memorial

Benches, sculptures, or other items can be designated as memorials, by creating VQF Topics.  These Topics are not displayed at the kiosk unless the visitor searches for a memorial.

In the BG-Map Window, select Utilities/VQF Setup/Edit Topics.  For details, see

Enabling Printing of Topics

In the BG-Map Window, select Utilities/VQF Setup VQF Options.  Click the “Printing” tab.  For details, see