BG-Map TechNote

How to Display Unmapped Plants in BG-Map Web-VQF

Updated 3/29/16

This document explains how to allow visitors to search for and display unmapped plants in Web-VQF.

Creating a Defined View for a BG-BASE Location

In the BG-Map window, select Tools/CreateDefined Views.  Click “Start Here”, and create a new defined view.  The name of the view must be LOC_ followed by the BG-BASE code for the Location of the plant.  For example, if the plant to be displayed is in location BED_29, the Defined View name should be LOC_BED_29.  The designation “BG-BASE Location” will appear in the Defined View setup window and the only view definition option will be “Region Bounded”.  Click “Define.”  In AutoCAD, define the view by tracing around the outline of the BG-BASE location.  For details, see “How to Create a Defined View” in the BG-Map users manual.  Once this defined view has been created, all plants within this location can be displayed.