BG-Map TechNote

Moving BG-Map to a New Computer

 Updated 1/8/16


This document explains how to move BG-Map from an existing computer to a new computer.

Inevitably, you will be faced with the need to move BG-Map from an old computer to a new one. This process is not difficult. This document will guide you along the way. If you run into any obstacles, don't hesitate to contact BG-Map.

Step 1 - Reinstall AutoCAD or CMS IntelliCAD

Uninstall CAD using the built-in uninstall utility. Reinstall it in your new computer using your CAD installation CD.

Note: - the first time that you start AutoCAD on the new computer, you will have to reenter your authorization code, so hopefully, you have recorded it for future use. If not, you will have to contact Autodesk to get your authorization code.

Step 2 - Copy BG-Map

Copy the BG-Map folder (c:\bgmapwin) and all included sub-folders from the c: drive of your old computer to the c: drive of the new computer. (If yours is a networked multi-user installation, copy the Bgmapwin folder from the C: drive of an existing workstation to the C: drive of the new workstation.)

Step 3 - Copy the Startup Shortcut

Copy the shortcut that starts BG-Map from the desktop of your old computer to the desktop of your new computer.

Note:  If you are missing the startup shortcut, click here to download it.  Extract the zip file to a temporary folder, and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file

Step 4 - Run the User Setup Program

If the location of BG-BASE or BG-Map (the server location for a network installation) has changed on your new computer, run the BG-Map User Setup Program. Follow these instructions.

Step 5 - Configure AutoCAD (CMS IntelliCAD requires no special configuration.)

Start BG-Map on the new computer. In the AutoCAD window, enter the command CONFIG.

If the background color of the AutoCAD map display is not the color that you want, click the "Display" tab, and click "Colors". "Window Element" should read "Model Tab Background". Click the "Color" dropdown list, and select a background color.

Click the “Display” tab.  Make sure the “Use Large Icons for Toolbars” is not checked.

Note:    In order to make this color setting “stick”, you may also have to repeat it after starting “regular” AutoCAD (without BG-Map.)

Click the "User Preferences" tab.

"Double Click Editing" (or "Windows Standard Accelerator Keys") should be checked.
"Shortcut Menus in Drawing Area" should be checked.
“Right-click Customization” options should be set like this:

Click the "Drafting" tab. All of the checkboxes should be checked. "Alignment Point Acquisition" should be set to "Automatic".

Click the “Selection” tab.  Under “Selection Preview”, check “When a command is active”, but do not check “When no command is active.”

Copy the BG-Map Plot Style, PMP, and Plotter files to the correct locations in AutoCAD. For details, click here.

Step 6 - Configure Printers and Plotters

Configure the printers and plotters for printing book maps and large format maps. Follow these instructions.