BG-Map TechNote

Moving BG-Map from a Stand-Alone Installation to a Network Installation

 Updated 4/21/16


This document explains how to move BG-Map from a stand-alone installation on the local C: drive to a network installation on a Windows server.

If you started out with a stand-alone BG-Map installation on your computer’s C: drive, you may benefit from moving the installation to a server.  The first benefit is ease of backup.  Most servers are backed up automatically.  Therefore, BG-Map will be automatically backed up along with the other data on the server.  To make certain that this happens, insure that automatic backup is enabled for the BG-Map folder on the server (bgmapwin).  A second benefit is the ability to add multiple workstations and the BG-Map Web Interface, Web-VQF, all connected to the same server.  This TechNote will explain how to move your existing installation to a server.

Before moving BG-Map to a server, make certain that BG-BASE is first functioning properly on the same server.

Before starting, make certain that you have created a complete backup of the bgmapwin folder on the C: drive of your existing stand-alone installation.

Step 1 - Create a BG-Map folder on the Server and Map it as a Drive

Create a folder Named BG-Map (or any other convenient name) on the server.  Map this folder as a drive letter on the workstation.  M: (for map) is a convenient letter to use, if it is available.  Make certain that workstation users have read-write privileges to this folder.

Step 2 - Copy BG-Map to the Server

Copy the BG-Map folder (C:\bgmapwin) and all included sub-folders from the c: drive of your workstation to the new BG-Map folder on the server.

Step 3 - Modify the Startup Shortcut

Modify the shortcut that starts BG-Map from the desktop (C:\Windows\Desktop folder or C:\Winnt\Desktop folder) of your workstation by pointing it to the location of BG-Map on the server.  As an example, supposed BG-Map is mapped to drive M:, the shortcut properties should read as follows:

Target:              M:\Bgmapwin\OINSIGHT\OINSIGHT.EXE /ap BGMAPWIN /un BGMAPWIN
Start In Folder:  M:\Bgmapwin\OINSIGHT

Step 4 - Delete Unneeded Folders and Files from the Workstation

On the workstation, delete the following subfolders from the C:\Bgmapwin folder.  In order for BG-Map to operate properly, there must still be a Bgmapwin folder on the C: drive of the workstation, and the following subfolders must be deleted.


Do not delete the remaining folders.

Delete all files in the folder C:\Bgmapwin\totalsta whose names begin with the letters REV.

Step 5 - Run the User Setup Program

Run the BG-Map User Setup Program to point to the new location of BG-Map on the server. Follow these instructions.

Step 6 – Adjust Network Settings

If BG-Map is unable to access BG-BASE data on the server, you may need to adjust the network settings for BG-Map to match those of BG-BASE.  If you are unsure how to do this, please contact BG-Map.

Step 7 - Redirect Plant Image Assignments

If you have assigned plant images in BG-Map, and the image files have been moved from the C: drive to the server, you must redirect the image assignments to point to the server.  In BG-Map, select Setup/Plant Images.  Open an existing image assignment, and select “Change Path”.  Select the same image in its new location on the server, and click “OK”.  The stored image path for all images in that folder will be changed.  If you have stored images in more than one folder, you will need to repeat this step for one image in each folder.

Adding Additional Workstations

If you wish to add additional workstations, complete the instructions above first, and confirm that BG-Map is functioning properly.  Then, contact BG-Map for further instructions.