BG-Map TechNote

Restoring Programs and Data to the HP200lx Palmtop

Updated 12/10/02

This document describes how restore programs and data to the HP 200lx palmtop in the case of complete battery failure.

Despite due diligence in battery replacement, you might one day lose both the primary and backup batteries and have to reload all programs and data back onto the HP 200 lx palmtop. Here's how:

Step 1 - Replace the Batteries

Replace both the primary and backup batteries - see "Changing Batteries on the HP 200lx Palmtop Computer".

Step 2 - Set the User Name, Time, and Date

Turn on the Palmtop. Press the teal-colored <&> key (more).

Press the <S> key (setup).

Press <F2> (time/date)

Use the Tab key to move between fields. Enter the correct date in the format mm/dd/yy (example: 02/26/02), and enter in the correct time in the format HH:MM:SS am/pm (example 04:34:00 pm). Tab until the OK button is highlighted, and press <Enter>. This will return you to the Setup screen.

Press <F4> (Owner).

Enter your name, title, etc. Tab until OK is highlighted, and press <Enter>. This will return you to the Setup screen.

Press the <Menu> key, and then <Q> to quit. Repeat. This will return you to the "Home" Hp200lx screen.

Step 3 - Disable the Calendar Daily Greeting

Press the teal-colored <Appt> Button (Clock Icon)

Press the <Menu> key and use the arrow keys to highlight "Daily Greeting" under "Options". If "Daily Greeting" is checked, press <Enter> while "Daily Greeting" is highlighted.

Press the <Menu> key, and then <Q> to quit. This will return you to the "Home" Hp200lx screen.

Step 4 - Set Communications Options

Press the teal-colored <Filer> key.

Press the <Menu> key. Use the arrow keys to highlight "Remote Settings". Press <Enter>.

The communications settings will appear. Leave the default settings as-is (19200 baud, Com1, Server Mode Enabled). Press <Enter> to save.

Step 5 - Copy Files

Connect the cable from the palmtop to the PC. Start Transfile Win 200 on the PC. A connection to the palmtop should be established.

On the left side, (The PC side), go to the c:\bgmapwin\totalsta folder (not the "local" folder - if you are in the "local" folder, double-click the double dots).

Holding down the control key on the PC, select the following files on the left side. (If you don't have all of these files, select as many of these as you do have.):


(Total Station Interface Program)


(Garden Notepad Stand-Alone Program)


(Total Station/Garden Notepad Field Data file)


(BG-BASE Label Types - for Garden Notepad)


(List of Total Station Control Points)


(Startup Batch File for Garden Notepad Stand-Alone Program)


(Startup Batch File for Topcon Total Stations)


(Startup Batch File for Pentax Total Stations)


(Startup Batch File for Nikon Total Stations)


(Alternative Startup Batch File)


(Alternative Startup Batch File)

Drag all of the selected files across to the right side and release the mouse button.

Wait until all files have been copied to the palmtop.

Close Transfile Win 200, and disconnect the palmtop.

(Remember when you later upload field data, you will need to reset the left side of the Transfile display to the "Local" folder.)

Step 6 - Clear Field Data

Start the Total Station Interface or Garden Notepad in the usual way.

Select "Clear Field Data" from the main menu.