BG-Map Surveying Tip

Using Stored Station Coordinates

Updated October 20, 2003

 This document explains how to use the feature of the BG-Map Total Station Interface - Stored Station Coordinates. 

This new feature of the Total Station Interface allows you to store a list of stations (monuments) and their coordinates, eliminating the need to type in coordinates when you set up the total station.

Storing the Station Coordinates List

Use a plain text editor, such as Windows Notepad, to create a file named STATIONS.FIL which should be located in the C:\BGMAPWIN\TOTALSTA folder of the workstation that you use to upload field data. In this file, you will enter a list of station numbers and their coordinates - using this format:

Station-ID, X-Coordinate, Y-Coordinate, Z-Coordinate,

Note that commas separate the items, and there is a comma at the end of the last item. If you do not wish to enter a Z-Coordinate, enter an X instead.

Here is an example of a station list in the proper format.


Transferring the Station Coordinates List to the Palmtop Computer

Windows Mobile Devices

If you are using a Pocket PC or other Windows based mobile device, use Microsoft ActiveSync to copy c:\bgmapwin\totalsta\stations.fil from your desktop PC to to Total Station Interface folder on your mobile device.

HP 200lx Using Transfile Win 200

Use Transfile Win 200 to copy the file c:\bgmapwin\totalsta\stations.fil from your desktop PC to the palmtop computer. Copy the file to the same palmtop directory that holds the field data file totalsta.fmd normally the c: drive.

Recalling a Stored Station During Total Station Setup

Windows Mobile Devices

In the setup screen, choose the station from the drop-down list.

HP 200lx

In the setup screen of the Total Station Interface, press S for "Set Station Coordinates". Instead of typing in the coordinates, enter a number sign, followed by the station ID, for example, #NW-A. The coordinates for that station will be automatically retrieved.