BG-Map TechNote

BG-BASE Data Entry for Web-VQF and Visitors QUICKFinder (VQF) Kiosk Software

Updated 4/29/15

This document lists the recommended data entry in BG-BASE for use with the Web-VQF web interface and Visitors QUICKFinder kiosks. Your goal should be to fill in as much of this data as possible in order to provide maximum information to your visitors.


                  Family common name

GENERA File (Make certain to go to Utilities/Update Lists/Common Names after adding new Genera.):

                  Genus common name (Make sure that any common name you enter here has at least one equivalent common name for an entry in the NAMES file. Otherwise searches on that common name may turn up nil. And, make certain to go to Utilities/Update Lists/Common Names after you make changes to common names.)


                  Catalog Description (non-technical description)

                  Common Name

                  Deciduous or Evergreen (DECID)

                  Description (botanical description)

                  Flower color

                  Flower color note

                  Flowering start, peak, and end weeks

                  Fruit color

                  Fruit color note

                  Fruit start, peak, and end weeks

                  Leaf color

                  Habit (Note only the first multi-value will be displayed by VQF, but all values can be searched.)

                  Hardiness Zone (you can use Arnold Arboretum, USDA, EGF, RHS, or Western Climate Zone, but be consistent)


                  Special Characteristics (SPEC_CHAR)

                  Sun Requirements (SUN)

                  Ultimate Spread, Height, and DBH


                  Plant Source

                  Provenance (if applicable)


                  DBH, Spread and Height