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BG-Map 2002-32 Released

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The latest version of BG-Map, BG-Map 2002-32, has been released.  Here are highlights of some of the new features in this release:


Compatibility with BG-BASE for Windows


BG-Map 2002-32 is compatible with the new BG-BASE version 6.0 for Windows.  It remains compatible with the previous BG-BASE version 5.0.


True 32-bit Windows throughout


Operation is faster and more stable.


New User Setup Program Automatically Updates User ID File


A new user setup program eliminates the need to manually edit the user ID file. 


Simplified Book Map Paper Size Setup


Setup of paper sizes for small and large Book Maps has been simplified.


New Type of Book Map - "Preselected Tour"


This new type of book map shows the locations of selected plants contained in a BG-BASE saved list or a text file.  This type of map is ideal for creating "Plant Walks" highlighting specific plants of interest.


Each map is accompanied by a plant list, which can be printed or exported to a plain text file or tab-delimited text file.  It lists the plants by number, along with their names, accession numbers, and other information. 


New Features for Visitors QUICKFinder


View Maps On-Screen


This feature allows visitors to view a plant location map on-screen without the need to print it out.  BG-Map composes a map showing the location of the visitors kiosk and the selected plant, and displays it in a window as shown below.


Multiple VQF Setups


It is now possible to set up multiple Visitors QUICFinder kiosks, each with its own setup options.  Each setup is saved under the name of the user currently logged into BG-Map.  By logging in as a different user, you can access a different set of setup options.  This makes it possible to set up multiple VQF kiosks, each behaving differently.


Assigning Images to Plants, Accessions, or Names


It is now possible to assign plant images in BG-Map to a plant name, to an accession, or to an individual plant.


Plant Image Display – New Features


Show Image at Actual Size or Stretch to Fit


You now have a choice of showing the image at its actual size or stretching it to fit the viewing window.  Initially, the viewing window is sized to fit the image or your screen - whichever is smaller.


Printing Images


It is now possible to print plant images from BG-Map.  When an image is displayed, click the "Print" button, and the image will be printed on the current default Windows printer.  It will be automatically sized to fit the paper.  The plant name and image description/source will also be printed.


Suppressing the Display of Accession Numbers


It is now possible to suppress the display of accession numbers on maps and book maps.  When generating the map, check the box "Suppress Accession Numbers".  The names of the plants will be shown in the positions normally occupied by their accession numbers, and the accession numbers will not be shown.


Forcing the Display of Full Names


It is now possible to force full names to be displayed on maps and book maps.  When generating the map, check the box "Force Full Names".  The full name of each plant will be displayed, regardless of the number of characters.


Support for 36" Plotters


BG-Map now provides support for 36" plotters in the formatting and printing of Quadrant, Defined View, and Site maps.


Improved Plant List Export


When generating Quadrant, Defined View, or Site maps, it is now possible to export the plant list in one of several formats.  Also, it is now possible to choose a file name for the exported text.  Previously, all plant lists were exported to the same file.


New Plant List Options– List Unmapped Plants by BG-BASE Saved List or Genus


New plant list option has been added  - List Unmapped Plants by BG-BASE Saved List or by Genus.


New Feature – Asymmetric Canopies


This feature allows tree canopies to be displayed as asymmetric shapes.  If you create an asymmetric canopy definition for a tree, it will be used.  Otherwise, a generic symmetrical canopy will be displayed. In all cases, the canopy size is determined by data stored in BG-BASE – Current Spread (PLANTS file) or Ultimate Spread (NAMES file).


Undo Capability for Group Outlines, Leader Lines, and Asymmetric Canopies


When drawing leader lines, group outlines, and asymmetric canopies, it is now possible to undo one or more line segments (except for the first line segment).  This eliminates the need to cancel and start over if a mistake is made on a segment.


Group Outlines Now Displayed on all Maps


Group outlined are now displayed on all Defined View maps, regardless of Plot Multiplier, and on Site maps.


New Feature - "Create A Quadrant"


This feature allows you to add a new quadrant to the list of map quadrants without having to access BG-BASE. pdated.


New Feature – Saved TCL Queries


A new feature has been added to Pseudo-TCL - a Command Library that enables you save Pseudo-TCL commands for future reuse.


New Feature - Saved Custom Map Setups


Custom Map Setups can be used to record the settings that were used to create a custom map.  Instead of reentering the same Selection Criteria or BG-BASE Saved Lists each time, you can save and recall a Custom Map Setup.


New Feature – Run QUAD_UP Directly From BG-Map (Works Only With Windows BG-BASE)


If you have installed BG-BASE 6.0, BG-Map will run the QUAD_UP routine automatically each time you start BG-Map or convert field data.  You can also run QUAD_UP from the BG-Map Utilities menu.


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