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BG-Map 2005 - New Features and Improvements

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The latest version of BG-Map, BG-Map 2005, has been released.  Here are highlights of some of the new features in this release:

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BG-Map New Features and Improvements


Ask Egbert the Expert


This is a new help utility that answers basic questions about how to use BG-Map and directs you to the correct screens to perform specific functions.


Show all Plants of a Name


It’s now much easier to display the locations of all plants of a given name.   In “Look Up Zoom to a Plant” and “Snapshot Book Map”, you can select multiple plants or all plants of a name or genus, and display all on the map simultaneously.


Improvements to “Relative Measurements”


When using “Relative Measurements” to locate plants, BG-Map now remembers the 2 reference points so you don’t have to repeatedly enter them.


Image Thumbnails


When selecting an image to view, BG-Map now displays thumbnails of each image.  Click on a thumbnail to select.


Utility for Showing All Defined Views


A new utility allows you to simultaneously display the outlines of all Defined Views along with their names.


Improved Display for “List Plant”


The display for “List Plant” is clearer, with improved use of fonts and word wrapping.  Words whose definitions are contained in the BG-Map glossary are hyperlinked to their definitions.


Square Bracket No Longer Required for Partial Name Searches


When searching for mapped plants by entering a name or partial name, you no longer have to end the search string with a square bracket].


Improvements to Plant Lists - “Unmapped Plants”


When listing “all” unmapped plants, locations can now be excluded, the list is alphabetized, and there is no longer a page limit.  When listing unmapped plants in a location, the list is now alphabetized.  When listing unmapped plants by genus, the display of the popup genera list has been greatly speeded up.


No More Black Command Window


When starting BG-Map, the black command window no longer appears.  Only the BG-Map and AutoCAD windows appear.


Group Outline Mapping with GPS


It’s now possible to easily map group plantings using a GPS or a total station that is not supported by the Total Station Interface.


Simplified Process for Converting and Correcting Field Data


When correcting accession numbers, you can now re-convert the data without again selecting “Convert” from the menu.  When converting field data, you can print directly from the preview screen.  Also, a confirmation message is posted if no errors are found.


New Feature - Insert All Plants With Converted Field Data into Map Simultaneously


This feature allows you to automatically insert into the map plants that have been surveyed using a total station or GPS.


Paper Sizes for Book Maps Can Contain Quotation Marks


When defining paper sizes for Book Maps, paper sizes that contain quotation marks (such as 8-1/2” x 11”) can now be used.


Decimal Points Permitted in Defined View Names


Defined View names can now contain decimal points, making them easier to associate with BG-BASE Location codes.


Glossary Definitions Can Be Edited


It is now possible to edit the definitions that appear in the BG-Map Glossary


No Limit on Image Description Length


There is no longer a limit to the length of the path or description that can be stored for an image.


Facilities Management New Features and Improvements


New Work Orders


Generate work orders for maintenance work and repairs.  Track work order status.  Link work orders to Facilities Management Objects.  Save work orders in HTML format so they can be viewed and printed using any web browser on a network or intranet.


New Utility to Create Objects from an Excel Spreadsheet


This utility allows you to quickly create new Facilities Management Objects by importing data from an Excel spreadsheet or comma-delimited file.


New Inventories


The Objects data entry window now contains an inventory tab in which you can store inventory lists of equipment or materials, such as power tools, pesticides, etc.  Object search and reporting has been expanded to include inventories.


Type Cloning


Object Types can now be cloned to create new Types without starting from scratch.


Simplified Creation of Subtypes and Tasks


Subtypes and Maintenance Tasks can now be created directly from the Types data entry window.  Also Classes can be assigned to Types directly from the Types data entry window.


Depth Recording for Below-Ground Objects


Objects can be designated as “underground”, and their buried depth can be recorded.


Visitors QUICKFinder Kiosk New Features and Improvements


Improved Appearance                            


Page layouts and fonts have been greatly improved.


New Visitor Feedback Feature


Use the feedback feature to gather mailing list data, increase membership, and generate volunteer interest, as well as to obtain valuable responses as to the quality of visitor's experiences and their suggestions for improvements.


New Memorials Feature


You may designate a plant or Topic as a memorial or “in honor of”, and allow visitors to search for it by the name of the person, it’s in memory or honor of.


Improved Popup Lists


Popup lists of plants, names, etc. now fill the screen and have larger graphical buttons.


Topics Can Link to Web Pages


Topics can now link directly to internet or intranet web pages.  In effect, VQF can now act as a web browser.


Image Thumbnails


When selecting an image to view, VQF now displays thumbnails of each image.  Touch a thumbnail to select.


Results Sorted by Distance


When displaying a list of plants of the same name, the results are sorted by distance, closest plants first.


Topic Maps Now Printable


You may allow visitors to print maps associated with “All Topics”, “Memorial Topics Only”, or “No Topics”.


Plant Descriptions Now Printable


You may allow visitors to print plant descriptions in addition to maps.


Glossary Definitions Hyperlinked


When displaying plant descriptions, glossary words are hyperlinked.  Simply touch a word to display its definition.


See Locations of All Plants of Same Name


When viewing a map on-screen, a visitor may view or print a map showing the locations of all plants of the same name.


New Options for Display of Unmapped Plants


VQF can now display unmapped plants that do or do not have a corresponding defined view.


Parent and Child Topics


You can specify a Parent Topic to which another Topic "belongs".  In this way, you can create a hierarchy of topics and subtopics.


Touch Logo to Return to Home Page


Touching the garden logo now returns the visitor to the home page


Additional Information Displayed


The plant information screen shows additional information, including deciduous/evergreen (with clickable icon), sunlight requirements (BG-BASE 6+ only), special characteristics, and current and ultimate height and spread.


Search on Plant Characteristics


Visitors can now find a plant based on its characteristics - habit, flower color, flower month, deciduous or evergreen, sunlight requirements, and special characteristics.





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