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GreVid Adds Plant Location Maps
View Plant Locations on a Handheld Windows Mobile PDA

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GreVid map display was developed with the
assistance and support of Chanticleer Garden

Now garden staff and visitors can see the location of any plant using a handheld Windows Mobile device and the latest version of GreVid software from BG-Map.  Search for a plant by name or location, and GreVid will display a map showing its exact location.  You can zoom in or pan the map to obtain the exact view that you need.


Use this new feature to assist staff in finding specific plants without the need to print out numerous location maps.  Just carry the PDA.  It can also serve and “where am I” device.  Enter or scan the accession number of a nearby plant, and GreVid will display a map showing where you are.  Visitors to large or intricate gardens will find this particularly useful.


BG-Map users can export their existing base maps to GreVid.  Plant locations are automatically updated whenever the GreVid database is updated.


BG-Map GreVid:  Put plant records and maps in the palm of your hand.




Updated May 1, 2007
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