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Design Your Garden with the "Proposed Plants" Feature

  • Create Planting Plans
  • Integrate Design With Existing Plants
  • Generate Planting Lists
  • Tabulate Costs
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Now, you can design your garden with the BG-Map "Proposed Plants" feature. It provides a separate database into which you can record the source, size, and cost of proposed plants. And, you can link them to images, create planting lists and tabulate costs.

Place proposed plants on the map, and coordinate their locations with existing accessioned plants and infrastructure - all from within BG-Map.

"Proposed Plants" Data Entry Window - Plant Names
are Extracted from BG-BASETM - Click to Enlarge
Generate lists of proposed plants for any garden area, with details including size, source, unit costs and total costs. Lists are easily opened and saved as Excel spreadsheets.
Example Planting List - Click to Enlarge
The map shows the locations and sizes of both proposed and existing plants. You can easily reposition and resize proposed plants. These changes will automatically be reflected on the planting lists. And, you can to differentiate plants by family, genus, habit or special characteristics using customized symbols.
Map Showing Both Existing and Proposed Plants - Click to Enlarge
Mapping the world... one plant at a time

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