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The latest version of BG-Map has been shipped to BG-Map users as part of the Software Maintenance Program. Under this program, users receive technical support, software updates, and documentation for a single annual fee.

Here's a summary of the new features in BG-Map 2000:

New Facilities Management Module

The optional Facilities Management Module tracks and manages infrastructure items such as, buildings, equipment, utilities, works of art, and more. It allows you to map these objects and schedule maintenance.

Support for AutoCAD 2000

BG-Map now supports AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD Map 2000, and AutoCAD 2000 LT.

Password Access Privileges

You can assign specific access privileges to BG-Map and its modules by appending codes to the user name.

New Feature - Cancel Button

A cancel button has been added to the BG-Map status window, which displays during processes such as generating a map or updating a list. By clicking the cancel button, you can cancel the process and return to the previous window.

New Feature - Long Filename Support

BG-Map now provides support for long filenames. When selecting a file (for example a plant image file), BG-Map now provides the standard Windows Explorer interface, allowing you to chose long file names, delete files, rename files, etc.

Enhanced Image Viewer

A new enhanced image viewer offers scroll bars to allow viewing large images. The image view window can also be resized.

New Print Options

Lines Per Page:

Allows you to set the number of lines per page for plants lists and reports. This prevents text from "spilling over" onto the next page.

Single Space Option for Book Map Plant Lists:

Saves space.

Improved Performance for "Update Lists"

The software routines for updating the lists of Families, Genera, and Common Names have been revised to increase the speed of these processes.

New Feature - Variable Sizing of Symbols and Text for Defined View and Site Maps

It is now possible to continuously vary the size of symbols and text for larger Defined View maps and for Site maps between the extremes of "Size to Plot" and "Size to Fit" using a slider control.

New Feature - Export Drawing File

You can use this new feature to create an AutoCAD drawing file (in AutoCAD 2000 format) containing currently generated plants or plants plus the basemap. This will facilitate sharing of BG-Map data with landscape architects and others.

New Feature - Where am I? This new feature can be used to determine the correct quadrant for any point on the map. Click any spot on the map, and BG-Map will tell you which quadrant its in.

New Field Added to Plant List Formats: Reproductive Status

A new field has been added to those available for Plant List Formats: Reproductive Status. This corresponds to the current (first) value in the field REPRODUCTIVE.STATUS in the BG-BASE PLANTS file.

QUAD_UP Now Fills in the Full User Name for Garden Notepad Data When updating Garden Notepad data, QUAD_UP now fills in the full user name instead of only the user's initials.

Label Information Added to Garden Notepad

Garden notepad can now record information related to plant labels, including:

  • Type(s) of labels currently on the plant
  • Type(s) of labels needed
  • Quantity of each type needed
  • Note on each type needed

New QUAD_UP Setup Option - Use Survey Date

It is now possible to set up QUAD_UP to insert the date the plant wad surveyed in the PLANT.DATE field in the BG-BASE PLANTS file.

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Updated September 1, 2000
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