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"Now that we have finally finished getting the entire garden into BG-Map, we are able to utilize it in our programs. We have a group of volunteers who collect herbarium vouchers from our living collection. In the past, they worked from hand-drawn maps and lists printed from BG-BASE to locate plants and figure out if they had data and needed to be collected. The process was very slow. Now, they can go out with a BG-Map map that has all the information they need on one sheet, in an easily read format.

In the past, it took 2 volunteers, 4 or more hours to complete 1 bed. Now the same volunteers can complete a bed in 2 hours or less. The frustration level of the volunteers has been greatly reduced while the productivity has increased.

I'm sure we'll find lots of other uses for the maps as time goes on, but we're thrilled that we are already able to reap significant benefit from the mapping project."

Tracy Omar
Assistant Curator
Desert Botanical Garden
December 2, 1999

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