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Installed at the Huntington
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The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California has installed the BG-Map Facilities Management Module. The Huntington will use this software to map and manage infrastructure in the world-famous 207 acre facility.

Items to be initially entered into the system include:

  • electrical distribution
  • irrigation
  • outdoor artwork
  • memorial plaques and benches

Mapping specialist Julio Barrantes uses a robotic total station to record the location of each feature. This equipment is is radio controlled, allowing Barrantes to roam freely. Data captured by the total station - for both plants and facilities management objects - is uploaded directly into BG-Map.

The Facilities Management Module will be used to record pertinent data about each object and link it with the map. For example, manufacturers, model numbers, suppliers, maintenace contacts, and maintenance history can all be recorded. Photographs, sketches, and other images can also be attached to the objects.

By querying the database, it will be possible to search for and retrieve the locations of specific objects. For example the location of a memorial bench for a specific individual can be easily retrieved and and a map showing its location printed.

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Julio Barrantes maps a statue with a robotic total station
Julio Barrantes maps a statue
with the robotic total station
Barrantes records information about a memorial bench
Barrantes records information
about a memorial bench

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