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BG-Map Arrives in Europe

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The first BG-Map installation on the European continent is now in place at the ELTE Botanical Garden in Budapest, Hungary. The historic garden, dating back to 1771, is one of the oldest of its kind in Central Europe.

At right Zsuzsanna Pete of OMMI uses a measuring tape to survey a tree location. »

The project to install BG-BASE and BG-Map at the ELTE garden was funded by the USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service, Research and Scientific Exchange Division, U.S. - Hungarian Joint Technology Program. It is hoped that this project will be the first step in setting up a network to link the collections records and mapping data of botanical gardens throughout Hungary.

In addition to the ELTE garden, OMMI, another Hungarian institution is participating in the project. OMMI is reponsible for cataloging and maintaining quality control for agricultural and ornamental plants throughout the country.

Below - Zsuzsanna Pete of OMMI and Melinda Mészáros of ELTE measure a tree for input into BG-BASE.

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