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BG-Map version 5.0 is available now. Here is a listing of new features and improvements:

  • AutoCAD LT Compatibility - set up additional BG-Map workstations at lower cost using AutoCAD LT98.
  • Garden Notepad - record plant sizes and condition in the field using a hand-held computer.
  • Create a Tour - visitors create their own garden tours, visiting up to 6 plants - prints a numbered tour map with plants arranged by walking distance.
  • Improved Visitors QUICKFinder! - more consistent graphics, listing of walking distances to plants, automatic return to home screen, more setup options
  • Excluded Regions and Plants - define garden regions and individual plants that are excluded from access by Visitors QUICKFinder!
  • Partial Name Lookup - find any plant on the map by entering the first few letters of its name.
  • Checking of Species and Cultivar Names - before being listed in a popup, species and cultivar names are checked to make sure that at least one living plant is currently mapped.
  • NPO's (Non-Plant Objects) - use a total station or GPS for automated mapping of utilities, paths, unaccessioned plants, etc.
  • NPO Layer Assignments - pre-assign each type of NPO to an AutoCAD layer.
  • Left and Right Offsets - makes the total station interface more flexible by allowing offsets to the side as well as in front of a plant.
  • AutoCAD Toolbars - customized BG-Map toolbars simplify AutoCAD operation.
  • On Line-Users Manual - directly access an on-line version of the BG-Map Users Manual
  • Select Plants by Habit - select plants by habit to create customized maps.
  • Text Length Override - show plant names on large defined view and site maps - text can be sized for printing or viewing on-screen.
  • Plant List Export - export plant lists from BG-Map to other software applications.
  • Pseudo-TCL Command Line - access many of the features of original TCL found in Advanced Revelation. The last 100 commands can be recalled.
  • Read-Only Access - assign read-only access to BG-Map users.
  • Individual User Settings - each user maintains individual settings for printer size, colors, and plant lists.
  • Recording of Survey Dates - record the dates each plant was surveyed with a total station or GPS.
  • Filtering of Dead Plants - filter out dead plants from saved BG-BASE lists,
  • Multi-Trunks - depict on the map trees with multiple trunks.
  • Exclude Standard Fields from Plant Lists -exclude one or more of the default "standard" fields from plant lists.
  • Type In Quadrant and Defined View Names - type in names or select from a popup.
  • Large Book Maps - print book maps on larger 11" x 17" (A3) paper to show an entire quadrant with plant names on one page.
  • Large Normal Defined View Maps - create normal defined view maps for areas of any size.
  • Additional Developer Utilities - copy data between BG-Map and Windows files - an aid to system maintenance.

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Updated August 30, 1999
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