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Get Visitor Feedback With Visitors QUICKFinder Kiosk Software

Collect mailing list information, comments, membership interest, and more...

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Collect feedback from your garden visitors using BG-Map Visitors QUICKFinder touch-screen kiosk software. Now visitors can use the same touch-screen kiosk to enter their feedback as well as learn about your garden, search for plants, and search for memorial trees and benches.
The feedback screen is completely touch - enabled. Click to enlarge.
You can use the feedback feature to gather mailing list data, increase membership, generate volunteer interest, as well as to obtain valuable responses as to the quality of visitor's experiences and their suggestions for improvements.

The data is collected in the commonly-used CSV file format, which can be read by most popular database and spreadsheet applications.

You can customize the visitor feedback screen by selecting which information to collect, and how to format greetings, messages, and instructions.
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Updated December 29, 2004
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