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Visitors QUICKFinder Kiosk Software Finds Memorials

Help Visitors Find Trees, Benches, and Other Memorials

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Now garden visitors can use BG-Map Visitors QUICKFinder touch screen kiosk software to search for memorial trees and benches. By entering all or part of the person's last name, they can find and select the corresponding memorial.

To search for a memorial, enter a name on the touch screen
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Information about the selected memorial is displayed in a clear and concise format. Visitors may print or e-mail the information. They may also view an image of the memorial or view a map showing its location.
Displaying a Memorial Bench - Click to Enlarge
The map shows the location of the kiosk ("You are Here") and the location of the memorial, which is clearly pointed out by an arrow. It is possible to print the map or send it by e-mail.
Map Showing the Location of a Memorial Bench - Click to Enlarge
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Updated February 1, 2006
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