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Don't have BG-Map yet?... Learn about the
GreVid and Garden Notepad Stand-Alone Version
for BG-BASE Users Who Do Not Have BG-Map.

Garden Notepad

Garden Notepad is a time and labor saving application that allows garden staff to capture information about the size and condition of plants in the field on a tablet and automatically upload and transfer that information to BG-BASE
GreVid is a tool for viewing BG-BASE™ plant collections records and location maps in the field using a Windows-based handheld device. Simply, enter the accession number or swipe a barcode to quickly retrieve data on any living accessioned plant. Or, search by plant name or location.

PropNoter is a tool for viewing and editing BG-BASE™ propagations records in the field using a Windows-based handheld device. A data export utility, built into BG-Map makes transfer of propagations records from BG-BASE to the handheld device quick and easy.

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