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A new application for BG-Map has been demonstrated at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The historic garden cemetery, the first in the nation, has been using BG-Map to map its significant collection of trees and shrubs. Now, Mount Auburn is also using BG-Map to plot burial lot locations. Using a custom cemetery lot module, it is now possible to instantly zoom to any lot and print maps, which can direct staff to an individual lot or groups of lots.

Pending further evaluation, the ultimate goal is to provide a direct link between the map and the burial records system. This major task would involve the transfer of tens of thousands of burial records, some over 150 old, from index cards to computer format.

Mount Auburn Cemetery offers history, a magnificent landscape, and abundant bird watching opportunities. Mount Auburn is located at 580 Mount Auburn Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Revised January 22, 1998

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