BG-Map TechNote

How to Send In an AutoCAD or CMS IntelliCAD History Report to Assist in Debugging a Problem

Updated 1/8/16

This document explains how to capture an AutoCAD or CMS IntelliCAD history report (the contents of the CAD Text Window) to assist in debugging a BG-Map problem that involves CAD:  For example, failure to generate plants or print a map.

Capturing the History Report:

Immediately after the problem occurs, before doing anything else, enter the command COPYHIST at the CAD command prompt and press <Enter>.  (If the command prompt is not visible, press the <Escape> key one or more times until “Command:” is displayed.  Then, enter the command COPYHIST and press <Enter>):

Mailing In the History:

Create an e-mail addressed to BG-Map Support .  In the Edit menu of your e-mail program, select Paste.  The CAD history will be pasted into the e-mail message.  Send the message.