BG-Map TechNote

Changing Batteries on the HP 200 lx Palmtop Computer

Updated 10/17/00


To avoid losing data and having to reload software, remember to change the batteries on your HP 200 lx palmtop computer regularly. The primary batteries (AA penlight cells) should be changed whenever a "low battery warning" is displayed. The backup battery (disk shaped lithium battery) should be changed regularly every 6 months.

Checking Battery Condition:

Press the "&" key on the 200 lx. Then, press "S" for "Setup". The battery condition will be displayed. To exit the battery display, press the <MENU> key, and then "Q" for "Quit". Repeat until you are back at the opening screen.

Replacing the Main Batteries:

Open the long narrow slide cover on the back of the unit, and replace the 2 AA batteries with new alkaline batteries. Make certain that the "+" signs on the batteries are oriented as shown on the label inside the battery compartment.

Replacing the Backup Battery:

Slide down the dark red plastic cover on the side of the unit. Pull out the gray plastic tab to remove the battery. Replace with a new type CR2032 lithium battery. Make certain that the "+" sign on the battery faces down toward the gray plastic battery holder. Slide the battery holder back in, and replace the dark red cover.

Attaching a Battery Replacement Reminder:

After you replace the backup battery, jot down on a slip of paper the next battery replacement date (6 months hence). Affix to the rear of the unit with tape.