BG-Map Basemap Editing Tip

How to Break Out a Portion of Your Basemap

Updated 5/22/02

 This document describes how to break out a portion of your basemap and place it into a separate file.

Sometimes, you may wish to break out just a small section of your basemap to send to an architect or designer.  Here’s how:

1.  Turn Off the GRID layer.

2.  Draw a closed polyline around the area that you wish to include.

3. At the command line, type TRIM <Enter>

4.  AutoCAD will prompt - "Select Cutting Edges Select Objects" Click on the closed polyline, and hit <Enter>

5.  AutoCAD will prompt - "Select object to trim or shift-select to extend or [Project/Edge/Undo]:" Going around the closed polyline, one by one, click on each line that passes through the polyline, causing it to be trimmed at the polyline boundary.  If you make a mistake, type U <Enter>, and the last trim will be undone.  When finished, hit <Enter>

6. At the Command prompt, type -WBLOCK <Enter>

7.  Select a filename to use for the drawing that you will be sending to the designer.

8.  AutoCAD will prompt: "Enter name of existing block or [= (block=output file)/* (whole drawing)] <define new drawing>:" Hit <Enter>

9. AutoCAD will prompt:  "Specify insertion base point:" Type 0,0 <Enter>

10.  AutoCAD will prompt:  "Select objects:" Select all of the objects inside the closed polyline, and then hit "<Enter>".  All the objects will be written to the new file.

11.  DO NOT SAVE THE BASEMAP!  Instead, close BG-Map, and re-open it.  You basemap should be restored to its original condition.