BG-Map TechNote

Starting BG-Map with AutoCAD in Read-Only Mode

Updated 8/12/1999

This document explains how to start BG-Map with AutoCAD in read-only mode if another user on a networked system is currently accessing your basemap.

If you are running a networked multi-user installation of BG-Map and another user has logged on before you, the following message will be displayed when the AutoCAD Screen begins to load:

\Bgmapwin\xyzmap.dwg is currently in use or is read-only.

Would you like to open the file read-only? <Y>

You can continue to load BG-Map by answering yes (Y <Enter>). After the Command prompt appears, click "Reinitialize" in the File menu to finish loading BG-Map. If you don't have access to the BG-Map menu, type the command SCRIPT, and then select the script file named BGMAP in the C:\Bgmapwin folder. This will reinitialize BG-Map.