BG-Map Software Download

Tools For Creating or Updating a Basemap For GreVid

Updated 4/27/07 

GreVid version 5.0 and higher is capable of displaying plant location maps.  These downloads provide the tools you will need to create or update a basemap for use with GreVid.

Franson GPSTools Studio

Gps Tools Studio is a software application used to create a GreVid-Compatible version of your basemap. To download it from the Franson website, click here. Save it to disk and run the installation program GpsToolsXPRunTime.exe.

Prototype GreVid Map

This zip file contains a prototype map library file. To download it, click here.  Extract the zip file to any convenient location, such as the \Bgmapwin\GreVid Export folder.  Open the map library file using GPSTools Studio to create or update a basemap for GreVid.

For more details on the map creation process, see  How to Create or Update a Basemap For Use With GreVid.