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Visitors can create their own tour of plants and garden features. Or, they can access a pre-made tour created by garden staff.

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Create A Tour, allows garden visitors to select up to 24 plants and other garden features to create their own tour.

Or staff can now create pre-made "canned tours." Visitors can select a pre-made tour and modify it if desired or select all the plants and features on their own.

(You can limit the number of plants and features a visitor may select to between 6 and 24.)

Create A Tour Home Page - Click to Enlarge
Visitors can select from category-specific lists of plants compiled by you or search for plants by name, including cultivars. For convenience, the walking distance to each plant or feature is listed.
Selecting a Plant - Click to Enlarge
Create A Tour automatically arranges the selected plants and features by distance, creating a numbered walking tour. The tour can be viewed on screen, printed or sent by e-mail.
Tour Map Example - Click to Enlarge
It prints out or e-mails a map and a tour list for the visitor to take.
E-Mailed Tour List Example - Click to Enlarge

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Updated February 5, 2009
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