Mapping the world... one plant at a time
BG-Map Botanical Garden Mapping System
BG-Map is full-featured computer mapping/GIS software for botanical gardens and similar institutions. It works together with the BG-BASE collections records database.
Web-VQF - Power Your Website With BG-Map
Add the power and capabilities of BG-Map to your website with Web-VQF. Visitors to your website will learn about your garden and create their own maps with ease from home or on-site. And, your staff will gain unprecedented access to plant records and location maps.
GGN Standalone App - For BG-BASE Users Who Do Not Have BG-Map
Field Check Your Plant Collection on a Windows - based Tablet or laptop.
Garden Notepad 3 - Field Data Collection Software
Speed the process of taking field check notes on your plant collections. Garden Notepad records data on the size and condition as well as images of plants on a Windows - based Tablet or laptop for automatic updating of BG-BASE™.

Choose Either

Garden Notepad 3 for Windows 10/11

Classic Garden Notepad for Windows Mobile

Automated Surveying Software
Survey plants, and infrastructure automatically using total station or GPS equipment.
Facilities Management Module
The BG-Map Facilities Management Module is a powerful addition to BG-Map that will help you to manage your infrastructure - buildings, equipment, utilities, works of art, signage, memorials, and more.
GreVid™ - Put Plant Records and Maps in the Palm of Your Hand
BG-Map GreVid is a tool for viewing plant collections records and maps in the field using a Windows Mobile-based handheld device. Simply, enter the accession number or swipe a barcode to quickly retrieve data and view a location map for any living accessioned plant.
PropNoter™ - Propagations Notation Software for Windows Mobile Devices
BG-Map PropNoter is a tool for viewing and editing BG-BASE™ propagations records in the field using a Windows Mobile-based handheld device.
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