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BG-Map Version 4.5 Offers New Features and Improvements
BG-Map Version 4.5, scheduled for November, 1998 release, contains, even more new features and improvements, including:

"Non-Plant Object" Mapping
Support for mapping various types of "Non-Plant Objects" using a Total Station or GPS. You can enter codes in the field for objects such as utilities, roads, and fences, and BG-Map will automatically insert the corresponding symbols, shown at the right, into the map.

Text Length Override
You can override the default text length settings for defined view and site maps - so, for example you can show plant names on site maps, and large defined views.

Large Book Maps
Book maps can be printed in 2 sizes - the current 8-1/2" x 11" (A4) plus the new 11" x 17" (A3). In the larger size, book maps will show plant names on quadrant maps with no text overlap. This features provides support for the new large size inkjet printers such as the HP 1120C.

Standard Field Override
The printing of selected "Standard Fields" on plant lists can be inhibited - so, for example, you can create a plant list without the accession numbers or coordinates.

Plant List Export
Plant lists can be exported to a text file so that they can be used in other documents.

Type In Quadrant Names
When generating a map, you can type in the name of a quadrant or defined view as well as pick it from a list.

A command line that will give you capabilities similar to the TCL feature provided by Advanced Revelation.

Recording of Survey Dates
BG-Map will record not only the date a plant was placed into the map but also the date it was surveyed using a total station or GPS.

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Updated November 2, 1998

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