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Desert Botanical Garden Converts From Paper Maps

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Mapping Assistant Jamaica Ritcher enters plant locations into BG-Map
Mapping Assistant Jamaica Ritcher enters plant locations into BG-Map

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona recently installed BG-Map and began the task of computerizing plant location data, which had been painstakingly recorded on a series of hand drawn bed maps.

A cordless digitizing tablet is being used to speed the process of transferring plant locations from approximately 75 paper maps. Each map is taped onto the tablet. The coordinates of 2 or 3 known reference points are entered. This aligns the paper map with the coordinate system of the AutoCAD basemap. Each plant can then be entered into BG-Map by simply clicking it's location on the paper map.

Each hand drawn map is taped to the tablet and digitized. During the process of transferring the plant locations to BG-Map, any discrepencies between the paper maps and the BG-BASE plant records are revealed and can be corrected - for example, plants that are mislabeled, or entered with incorrect accession numbers or names.

Curator Tracy Omar expects to complete the task of transferring 10,000 plant locations in about 5 months.

A typical existing map.

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Updated February 22, 1999

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